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The history of sugar in Florida is a tale of experimentation and entrepreneurs, early mistakes and later successes, politics and money flowing freely from Washington to the sugar barons and then back again as campaign contributions guaranteed the industry would grow in influence well beyond its impact on the economy.

This book was written from hundreds of sources, interviews and site visits. It is an attempt to help the reader concerned about human health, south Florida's delicate ecosystem, and money in politics understand how we got to this point, and to think about where we go in the future.

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Nature's Steward: A History of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida chronicles the development of southwest Florida using the modern-day Conservancy of Southwest Florida as the lens through which to examine environmental history. A parallel track exists alongside the Conservancy's story, and that is the evolution of land acquisition practices and comprehensive growth management planning efforts at the state and federal levels. The reader will come to understand the enormous commitment of time and money required to ensure that a beautiful corner of the world be developed in a generally sensible manner. The book is organized chronologically with three separate topics: land acquisition, managing for growth, and water.

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